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Government mulls guidelines on accepting e-payments

SEVERAL government agencies and private sector representatives, with the help of the Congressional Oversight Committee on Electronic Commerce, are working on a draft guideline on how government agencies should accept electronic payments, learned Tuesday.

A technical working group headed by the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Finance are working with private sector representatives on the second draft of the e-payment guidelines, according to Janette Toral, executive director of Congressional Oversight Committee's secretariat.

The guideline will include an accreditation process for government agencies wanting to accept e-payments.

The technical working group met Monday, and most revenue-generation government agencies were invited to contribute to the draft guidelines, Toral said.

There is no clear guideline on how government agencies should accept electronic payments despite the passage of the E-Commerce Law.

"The way the guideline was structured is that any government agency wanting to accept e-payments should get accreditation from the Bureau of Treasury," Toral said.

Another round of meeting will be scheduled this month.

The Congressional Oversight Committee on E-Commerce hopes to have the guidelines ready by April 2006.

Toral said that this guideline will likely pave the way for e-commerce to happen between government agencies.

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