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In its continuing pursuit to promote the use of information and communications technology (ICT), the Asia Pacific Economic Conference Digital Opportunity Center (ADOC) is announcing the start of ADOC Awards, a competition which aims to recognize the best uses of ICT by government departments, private organizations, and other entities within the Asia Pacific community.

Now on its second year, the event highlights the promotion of ICT best practices as well as encourages individuals to adopt, utilize, and benefit from ICT. Government departments, private organizations, and non-government organizations who utilize ICT in a creative and beneficial way are encouraged to participate in the event and share their experiences.

The competitions are divided into three categories, namely: ICT Best Practice for e-Government, ICT Best Practice by Small Medium Size Enterprise (SME), and Best Practice for Bridging the Digital Divide.

The ADOC Awards competition will be conducted in six APEC economies, namely Philippines, Peru, Chile, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Vietnam. Nine best practices will be selected from each economy and a representative from each will be invited to Taipei to share their knowledge and accept an award. Flight and accommodation expenses will be shouldered by the ADOC Secretariat.

Deadline for applications is on 26 April 2006. The competition is open to the government and the private sectors, free-of-charge.

For more information on how you and your organization can participate, please contact Helen Sistoso at 02-9207976 or email [email protected] (please indicate in the subject area: ADOC Award). Additional information can also be found at the ADOC website

The ADOC Awards is organized by the ADOC Secretariat in Chinese-Taipei through the ADOC Partner Office Manila in partnership with the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT).

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