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Latest I.T. Solution at DATE 2004

The festive air at the Davao Convention and Trade Center brought together people from all walks of life to gather and take a glimpse of what Davao City has to offer.

Hubport Interactive, Inc, one of the Davao Trade Exhibit 2004 exhibitors and the website developer of the July 15-17 trade fair showcased its latest IT innovations. From website to customized software, from the latest SMS Application to Voice Over the Internet Protocol – all in store for big and small companies alike.

They even had free demo of their products from the InfoTXT Messaging Platform- the newest breakthrough in SMS application. Their technology allows the sending and receiving of text messaging from PC to mobile phone and vice versa. This software won the E-services Award for Mobile Application for the year 2003 and 2004. This system has the best user-friendly features with the Info-on-demand or auto reply service which allows the automatic sending of messages without the need of an operator in regular cell phone rates – a very promising marketing tool for every company.

Hubport Interactive, Inc. offers website development – a service which they offer at its best with the line-up of big companies in their portfolio. They have developed the websites of some prominent companies here in Davao, satisfying each company’s desire to have the best website with Hubport’s talented and creative designers at hand.

One of the reasons why Hubport has its edge in providing IT solutions is their desire to meet every company’s need. They customize their system software for this purpose. They have the Payroll Max Advance, the POS Total, The Inventory Management System, the Human resource Information System and the Full Accounting System. They can even develop more to help each company attain comfort and satisfaction in every transaction. Their group of programmers can make this possible, proving only that there is power in IT.



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