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RP Projects Listed As Finalists In ICT Best Projects Tilt

SEVERAL Philippine information and communications technology (ICT) projects are among the finalists in a global contest for the world's best ICT projects, has learned.

The Community Health Information Tracking System (CHITS), developed by the Medical Informatics Unit of University of the Philippines Manila, was among this year's finalists in the Stockholm Challenge 2006, a contest involving entries from different parts of the world.

According to Dr. Alvin Marcelo of the UP Manila Medical Informatics Unit, CHITS is currently the only Filipino entry in the health category for this year's Stockholm Challenge.

There are more Filipino entries named as finalists in the other categories, he added.

The other Philippine finalists this year are the "Rice Knowledge Bank" of the International Rice Research Institute; "Weaving a future with ICT" the,

Smart Load of mobile operator Smart Communications; BridgeIT's text to teach, "Storage of Indigenous Knowledge on Medicinal, Food Crops and Biodiversity Using Computers, Recorders and Internet," and "Advancing ICT: Global Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange."

All the Philippine finalists will go to Stockholm on May 8 to 11 to participate in thematic workshops and a public conference. The awards will be given on May 11.

This yearly competition focuses on ICT for development in under-served parts of the world. Its objective has been to find excellent examples of implementations of ICT that show clear benefits to people and their communities, wide impact and sustainable business models.

First posted 03:21pm (Mla time) April 09, 2006
By Erwin Lemuel Oliva

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