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BHIPro Successfully Launches

Chicago, IL., July 30, 2007 --- The Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Chicago announced the launching of their very own official website,  . A project of the chamber` s President, Ms. Cynthia Flores, in cooperation with BHI Pro, this website is aimed at reaching more people, not only in Chicago, but throughout the world, significantly improving their services to the community and to their members. Now, chamber members within the state, and across nations could ascertain that they are kept well- informed of the organizations` projects, services, who` s who, where to reach them, or simply get updated. Also, interested parties are given an avenue where they could get acquainted with the organization, find out more, and even apply for membership. Information on chamber sponsored events such as business forums, trade missions, and other noteworthy activities are also featured on the website so individuals and/ or entities who are hoping to get involved could visit the site and check out the details.

Primary sponsor of the website, BHI Pro, is one with the chambers` vision of pursuing a wider horizon in community service through the Internet. This Eugene, Chicago- based Internet Consultancy Firm has been in the business of helping companies to conquer and beget a productive presence in the world wide web. Offering a wide range of IT- enabled services including web design and development, hosting, domain registration, search engine optimization, and e- commerce, BHI Pro is headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, a Sales & Marketing office in Portland, Oregon, a production center in the Philippines, and an upcoming station in Japan. For more details, visit



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