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3rd ‘Java in Manila’ slated on April 25

Sun Microsystems Philippines kicks off its third Java in Manila programmers’ conference on April 25, 2006 with one goal in mind: expand the country’s Java developer base by raising considerable awareness about the versatility and uses of the object-oriented programming language, which is fast becoming the de facto application development tool of many enterprises today.

Sun is bringing in consultants and leading experts from the U.S. and Asia to the one-day conference at the Rizal Ballroom of the Makati Shangri-La Hotel with the aim of helping build the expertise of the Java developer base in the country. "We are holding this conference with the view of sharing Sun’s vast store of knowledge, garnered through nearly 10 years of Java development, said Cynthia Mamon, Sun Microsystems Philippines (SunPhil) President and Managing Director.
Java has come a long way since it was first released in 1995. Today, Java runs on some 650 million PCs, and powers 750 million Java cards. Sun estimates that the value of the global Java technology economy at 100 billion in sales and another 0 billion in related IT spending. "We want local developers to be able to share knowledge on Java as well, thereby enriching the current store of expertise in best practice," explains Mamon.
Java in Manila offers technical and business-focused sessions on relevant areas of the popular objectoriented programming language, including Java Standard Edition and topics like Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The conference itself will offer the following topics:
Java" EE & Web 2.0 Programming Using Blueprints Java" SE on the Desktop: Extreme GUI Makeover Web Tier Programming Code Camp I: Java Server Faces Web Tier Programming Code Camp II: AJAX SOA, JBL, BPEL: Strategy Design and Best Practices Rapid Web Development Using Sun Java" Studio Enterprise Creator Design of Cool Java"Applications for Consumers & Enterprise Users Java"& .Net" Interoperability Solaris, OpenSolaris" and Sun" Studio: Changing the Game Netbeans" Extreme: Matisse, CVS, Profiling and Plugins
In addition, Java in Manila also offers the best Java technology developers the chance to test their mettle against their peers. The Java in Manila Coding Challenge brings developers together to compete with well-written code for prizes and fun. Developers are encouraged to bring knowledge garnered from conference sessions to realworld programming problems in similar topics.
Through the collaboration of Sun and its partners, Java in Manila has emerged as the ‘’definitive developer’’ forum for the Java community in the Philippines. The conference will offer one plenary session followed by tw track sessions that can be selected from a host of topics. An exhibit will also be organized to highlight Java partnerships. Over 800 developers, CIOs, CTOs, systems architects and administrators, IT students and members of the academe are expected to attend the event.
To register online, visit, email [email protected] or call 885-7867.


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