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Ingenico Introduces New Mobile Payment Terminals

Ingenico, acknowledged as a global provider of secure transactions, has brought one of its latest technology solutions in the Philippines by promoting a mobile and advanced portable payment system to an expanding local market.

[email protected], a new and secure way to improve customer service and save costs, offers wireless electronic payment terminals which is brought to the customer and allows payment at the table itself. Customers thus maintain control of their credit or debit card throughout the entire payment process.
[email protected], which is targetted for services requiring outdoor mobile payment, such as delivery services and taxi payment, also allows for the same convenience and payment flexibility.
Through a partnership with Merchant Express and Globe Solutions, Ingenico will be using GPRS (general packet radio service) connectivity for its mobile POS (point of sale) terminals as the main products for its [email protected] solutions.
Since it was founded in France in 1980 and has expanded its market to Asia, North America and Europe, Ingenico hopes to encourage the country’s major restaurants, banks, merchants, delivery services and even taxi operators to embrace the electronic funds transfer/point of sale (EFTPOS) terminal technology.
Ingenico has already shipped more than 1.5 million terminals worldwide in 2004 and has shipped over 10 million in over 90 countries.

"We wanted to bring payment terminals straight to the customers in providing more convenience to them and enhance better service to restaurants or the merchants. Through our mobile POS terminals, payment is faster and much easier to secure," said Mario Dizon, Ingenico Philippines country manager.
"Our partnership with Globe Solutions is a good investment for both parties. While we promote a faster and more convenient payment service, we also promote their GPRS technology which is good for businesses," he added.
Dizon said they are highlighting two mobile POS terminals in the country -- the Ingenico i8200, which offers wireless telecom technology that enables the device to transmit payment data under itinerant conditions and caters to home and office delivery services among others; and the Ingenico i7910™, a new GPRS payment terminal which is fit for both indoor single-terminal and non-aggressive outdoor environments.
The durability of Ingenico’s [email protected] portals, Dizon said, is the "ruggedized" feature wherein it has a "drop" test that shows the durability of the device even if someone accidentally drops it to the ground. He added that the warranty for the terminals is also extensive.

Among the early clients of Ingenico in the local market, Dizon said, is UCC Coffee Shops, Sakae Sushi Restaurants and Crepes n Creme, which now allows customers to pay their bills through credit card at their table through the mobile [email protected] terminals.


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