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Best of Software Developers

Web Philippines Inc. (WPI) was founded by Roger Chua in 1996. Its annual revenue is about 3.5 million. It has developed software applications such as image bank, procurement, ecommerce store set up, content management system, document management system, classifieds/resume management, restricted access system, events calendar, and poll survey maker.

The company also offers website assessment; ebusiness planning, design and development; and website management. It has developed websites such as,, Philam Group of Companies, Wild Bird Club of the Philippines, Indonesian Embassy in the Philippines, and PortCalls.

According to Roger Chua, WPI CEO, “Our main strength is online marketing, branding, and e-business implementation.”

For Roger, there are 3 important lessons learned in handling web/software development projects that companies should always note of.

Sticking to schedules in order to meet your budget and client expectations.
Recruiting competent staff is important
Importance of documentation.
WPI receives subcontracts work from other software development companies and sees that constant communication, regular documentation, and the establishment of common procedures and development methodology are key to a successful relationship.

Roger shared that WPI is also outsourcing work to other software development companies. In addition to the above, consistent hands-on verification of
previous work and attitude is important.

To survive, Roger believes that software development requires size and scale. “It is very difficult for small firms to compete in an increasingly competitive market without sufficient size. It is difficult to justify training investments as the company would be reliant on too few key personnel.”

For companies and individuals who seek to build a career or niche in the software development market, Roger advises them to continue learning, acquire knowledge, and sustain their passion.

“The biggest challenge in running a software development business today is keeping up with relevant technologies, maintaining focus, sustaining growth, and seeking out niches,” Roger emphasized. “In short, being able to continuously innovate and regularly roll out new services that will make you distinct from competitors.”

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