Mobile Developers

App developers

App developers are you key to reaching out to a new generation of consumers: the growing smart phone and tablet toting population. By optimizing your business website for mobile browsing and developing applications to provide more convenience to your customers, app developers will not only help you establish a good presence in a fiercely competitive market, but will also help you gain the trust and confidence of both old and new customers.

But aren’t they expensive?

Not if you offshore outsource. Offshore outsourcing mobile apps development projects ensures that things are not only done, but are also done professionally, without the high costs.

Case Study

To make collecting survey data paperless and more convenient for the end users (i.e. the merchandisers), a developer of field services and sales software needed to create a mobile application for both iOS and Android users for this particular purpose.

In order for him to create an easy-to-use survey application for mobile users, he’ll need the help of developers specializing in creating mobile applications. Hiring locally, however, can be quite expensive.

With little time and a tight budget to consider, the developer sought our help.

At a fraction of the cost, our team of highly-skilled mobile developers was able to create a user-friendly survey application merchandisers can download on their iOS or Android devices.

The need to print survey sheets and to hire researchers to go onsite was completely eliminated, thus cutting expenditures by more than half. In addition, survey data was processed on the same day with little or no risk of data loss.

Our mobile developers’ job didn’t end there. By frequently running tests to check and eliminate bugs, they have ensured that the application continues to run smoothly and with no hitch, even with the constant updates on the mobile devices’ operating systems.

But don’t take our word for it.

Take advantage of our free three-day trial to see how we meet and exceed expectations. You can also pay us a visit. We’ll be happy to give you a tour around the office and facilities so you can meet and see how our team of app developers does their magic.