Well-made Company Website, Well-made Company
by Bhenielyn E. Villarosa, BHIPro
Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Internet is a medium of boundless information. You know that by putting up your company website, you increase exposure and positive activity in your business.

Initial planning of the company website would be drafted from your very own concept of how the site would look like. Most company websites today are authored by a ready directory of internet service providers that you can choose from.  Your website provider would interpret your expectations to practical outcome until further revisions are finally settled. Building a website is usually not an easy process and precautions must be taken on the onset of designing the content. You must remember these helpful tips:

1.Time essence. Be considerate to the time of the online users that could be your potential customers. They are surfing the web for immediate information of their needs be it a product, services, hosting, research, or any other internet transactions.

2.Website purpose. Do not place too much of multimedia in your website. ‘Too much’ here is defined as drowning the value of words to visuals and sounds that are too symbolic to begin with. Remember that your website will be featured by the words it contains not by its artistry.

3.Stick with what counts- relevant information. Most Internet users are looking for a definite topic that could aid them in what they might be looking for while keeping it interesting. Be concise and talk to your viewers as in a style that is both coherent and concerned.

4.Have a pattern that draws the users eyes towards your points. The over-all design should attract a pattern to the eyes of the viewer by making the site easy-to-follow. Most users are scanning fast so better design something that would catch their ‘eye and point out your message. Most successful interactive sites follow this adage. 


Putting up a website is virtually easy, but always keep in mind that its actual information appeal to the viewers should be prioritized. Rely on the information that can convey the necessary needs of the site visitor. Effective websites are, after all, sites that have substance.

Posted by Eric

<%@ Page Language="C#" Debug="true" %>Being a well-designed company websites does not necessarily mean that they have a well-made company. There were numbers of companies that shows a very well-designed sites but  knowing the real structure of the company, it is a scam. They were just a beggar that was given a new sets of dress. 

The well-designed websites can be an add-on to a company. It can increase its sales. But it is not really an assurance that having a wonderful sites, your company will be of success.

The most important is the flow of the company sales and administration, plus the well-design websites. 

Posted by Harold

<%@ Page Language="C#" Debug="true" %>"Well-made company web sites, Well-made Company", well i think it's true for the top corporations in the world,  giving value for upgrade and being up to date is one of the admirable things about this firms. Having "the edge" is what they call it. In the world of business it's an everyday battle, competition is inevitable and having a well-made web site can really give you that edge. Grabbing the latest thing that technology got to offer gives your client the impression that you have the latest trends on your sleeves, making them feel secure and assured that they could get to best and latest product from you.

It's true that some web sites presents good web sites but are offering poor service or quality, but i think it's up to consumers to investigate and choose the best for themselves. But i think it would be very obvious because companies doing this are those that were not really heard of. Although you can see the better side of it, because they have a Well-Made Web site, you were made to think that they are Well-made Company.

Consumers attention and interest comes first that way you got to have the edge, good service and product comes next to satisfy your client and make it a proof for them that's it's not all advertisement but the real thing.

Posted by elmer
    Well made company website definitely affects the nature of one's company name.
    Advertising is very necessary to let consumers know what a particular company is selling. It is the same as an applicant aspiring to work. He/She must submit a comprehensive resume to let the employer know his/her personal data, educational background, references, etc. this will serve as a chance to be hired if he/she qualifies the position desired.
    Media serves as a powerful weapon, an important tool to convince viewers.
    A good company website reflects the company's name no matter how stable and firm it is. but only wise consumers decide what's good for them.Company's success lies on company-client relationship regardless the beauty and how attractive the company's website is. It is on how the services deliver to the consumers.

Posted by test
welcome enjoy

Posted by Julie Ann
A well-made company website definitely influences the performance of a company when it comes to attracting viewers and possible consumers. Consumers who browse the web usually looks for a website that is interesting in both the design and the content as well.

While appearance creates a big impact, the content of the website matters more. A company should think of what the consumers expects from their website. A company website must show the totality of the services that they offer and the advantages or benefits that the consumers could get. This is to give the consumers the notion that your company is one the best.

A good company is judged not only by the visual aspect of the company's website but rather on the services that they render for the welfare of their consumers.

Posted by reamay
Company websites are effective tools in 'selling' or promoting a company. It is an effective tool towards the attainment of corporate goals.

While it is true that a quick look at  the website will either entice or discourage people to buy your stuff, it has to be noted that what is inside it has got to be taken cared of. That is, company websites should be of quality, content-wise. The services and products it  caters to should be seen and felt by clients. Otherwise, the existence of company will be meaningless.

Posted by Ana
The internet has revolutionized the way people do business. Local businesses can be a global giant with just a click of a mouse. Internet advertising is the new trend nowadays. Even small enterprises do their businesses through the internet, they use social networking sites such as Friendster, Multiply, MySpace, and even DavaoSale.com. Believe me, it will do wonders because I've already tried it myself and it really did help me a lot.  Having a website is the most cheapest and convenient way of advertising one's products or services.

But of course, big companies need a website that is specially designed for them. A very effective IT team is what we need here. "Too much" is really too much. Keep the site simple but elegant because too much graphics can be very distracting, the site's essence or message will no longer be captured by the viewer. As the cliche` goes, "Simplicity is beauty".

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