Outsourcing Criteria Upgrade
by Jessica Madrazo, BHIPro
Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The already complex outsourcing standards have gone from difficult, to convoluted. Originally, companies intending to outsource their products and services would look at a wide range of factors affecting the possible output, such as the infrastructure, and stability of the outsourcing firm, the Quality and Cost of the product, and the speed in which they can deliver.

This already bore a burden for many companies, specifically, when there are factors that lie outside their circle of influence, such as the lack of available infrastructure, or the stability of the entire country’s government. Recently, there is another addition to this criterion, the green policies.

Studies show that twenty-one percent (21%) of US and European companies have now considered green policies along with their performance indicators in choosing their outsourcing companies. Almost ninety-four percent (94%) are planning to add green clauses in their contracts, although only thirty-six percent (36%) are planning to move to greener contracts in the following year.

Many outsourcing countries are already making moves to meet to these standards. It is inevitable it will become a staple element in the choice of outsourcing firms.


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