Information Technology

Laptops, PDA's, cell phones, mp3 and mp4 players - these are just some of the widely used gadgets today. And their common denominator is the application of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. And because of the existence of these devices, we now have an idea of how vital this innovation is to our lives.

These IT devices have helped us in accomplishing our work at a lesser time and with minimal expense of energy and money. Information Technology, or commonly known as IT, is a term mostly directed to any activity or machine that is computer-based and that manages information through a mixture of programs and protocols. This technology is widely used in different fields like education, research and business, and by public and private sectors, to arrive at certain goals.

In this century, most things are being run by information technology Ė from socialization to attaining business success. Undeniably, information technology is now a big part of peopleís daily lives.

Information Technology Expounded

To add on to the definition provided above, information technology refers to both hardware and software thatís used to retrieve, send and access information. In addition, the term also refers to any electronic gadget that possesses and performs any one or two of the aforementioned functions. The desktop or home computer is one basic example of IT.

The term 'IT' also describes people who are well-versed with computers functions and codes and who are skilled in tasks like programming, networking, web development and design. As such, companies that cater to computers or applications, like that of hardware (sound cards, processors) and software (office programs) are referred to as 'IT companies'. One of the most popular IT Company in existence is Microsoft Corporation.

Outsourcing IT to the Philippines

In the years 2007 and 2009, the Philippines was given the prestige of being named as the 'Top Outsourcing Destination'. If anything, this affirms the competence of the country in providing needed outsourcing services. But if it is not convincing enough, it is best that we let additional facts speak.

The Philippines has a total of 20,000 providers with an average hourly rate of about $8.00. Other countries like India, Russia, Canada and the US offer outsourced services at $14.00 per hour and above. And considering that Filipinos are highly literate, well versed in English, skilled in information technology, patient and hard-working; itís not hard to see why huge conglomerates prefer it over others.

The Philippines also hosts a number of training schools that specifically educate people for outsourcing. They give them speech training, as well as search engine optimization, programming and web development lectures that would transform available manpower into effective outsourced agents.


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