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IT functions

There are specific applications of information technology and each addresses either a personal, communal, educational, or industrial need.

  1. Socialization – The internet is another representation of information technology and it is a massive system of interrelated international networks, wherein you can easily view and share information. Through this medium, you can widen your network of friends and associates and update them regarding anything, with ease.

    With the Internet, people, from all around the world and from all walks of life, are merged as one small community. Those who have families and friends abroad can communicate with their loved ones through instant messaging, an online web cam and social networking sites like Facebook

  2. Managing Business Pursuits – Now, in addition, companies also use the Internet for advertising since it covers a much bigger base of users and consumers, and is cheaper and more effective compared to radio and television marketing. In addition, they also utilize it in linking satellite branches, as well as customers and agents, for the purpose of carrying out business transactions.

    With the internet, you can place international calls through Skype, without incurring the usual rate. And you can share files and other important documents through sharing sites/software like Google Docs, Dropbox and Zoho.

  3. Email/ Emailing – Electronic mail, most commonly abbreviated email or e-mail, is a method of exchanging digital messages that again, makes use of the internet. It allows you to receive digital messages, compose, send, save items, attach files, and forward messages, without paying a single sent. Though it used to be limited to computers and laptops only, users can now email through mobile phones and internet-connected gadgets like the PSP (Playstation Portable).

    It must be taken note though that the maximum capacity of a file that can be uploaded and sent through email is only 10MB. And it is limited files to spreadsheets, word documents, slide presentations and the like. Heavy files such as software applications, graphic animations, and the others can't be attached or will take a long time to attach to your email messages.

    Examples of Web sites that allow users to email are Yahoo Messenger, Gmail, Hotmail, and Lycos. These websites will only require a username and a password in order to register and will protect the account through their security settings. There are also software applications that allow users to send email – one is Microsoft Outlook. This software functions similarly as online email sites.

    Emails are now also now used as a backup storage for files since sending email messages automatically stores your sent message, as well as the attached documents in the sent items tab. Therefore, if your message is lost or not forwarded, you can simply recover it in the sent items.

  4. Correspondence via Telephone, Network or Wireless – Online telephoning is available in instant messaging (IM) software like Skype Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. This is one of the most essential and advantageous function of information technology because through this, computers and workgroups can communicate with one another over a network, without putting pressure on the budget. Information is delivered in real time and the right emotions are also conveyed for greater understanding.

    Online telephoning only requires the user a headset with a speaker for him to hear the voice of the caller and to speak back to the caller. For conference calls, a screen and cam may also be needed if the involved parties want to see each other’s faces while corresponding with each other.

  5. Teaching and Learning – Furthermore, educational institutions today use IT for learning. E-Learning is another designation of online education and through it; people will not need to leave the comforts of their home in order to be intellectually enriched. Schools can be accessed through the internet, on their own learning website, and teachers can upload powerpoints, make assessments and various announcements for the students' benefit. Through this, the student may able to learn and review at home by downloading the slide presentations from the site. If anything, this system helps educators and students save time and money on completing the whole didactic process.