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Managing an Outsourced Team

In this age of neoteric technology and global marketing, distance is no longer seen as a hindrance for people from different locations to simultaneously work together for a common cause. An abounding number of corporations employ what may be called dispersed teams across continents, time zones, and even international borders. A vice president in Chicago may be communicating with a project manager in HongKong, who delegates tasks to a team in the Philippines.

A multitude of web- based interactive tools, which boost corporate communication, are available to ease the burdens of handling projects where the key components for completion are widely spread. While this may be challenging, it is not at improbable and certainly beneficial. You get revenue coming from cheaper yet just as effective labor on one hand and an equal distribution of responsibility on the other. However, like any form of management, involvement is crucial. To achieve the full potential of your "distant" team mates, a positive communication pattern must be constituted, conscious effort should be taken to establish trust. A careful and regular assessment of the business processes is necessary to ensure that its working for everybody concerned. Here are some tips in handling remote teams:

1. Make it a point to visit your far- flung team and get involved, familiarize yourself with the kind of work they are doing for you and understand the ways in which they accomplish their tasks.

2. Be up to date with the latest in technology and study which tools you could use to improve effectivity and develop leadership skills among your people.

3. Build a relationship communication by arranging your schedule in such a way that accommodates employees from a different time zone for accordant project updates and early detection of possible troubles.

4. Establish a consistency in your operational processes. Constant communication, regular quality checks, stick to a work flow structure that is proven to be effective, expose your employees to substantial labor enhancement activities like employee motivation, leadership development, team building, among others. And more importantly, get involved.

5. Get personal with your team. Remember birthdays, weddings, anniversaries. Give a promotion when and where it is due.



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