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Blogging. Wikipedia defines it as an internet entry which provides commentaries or news about a particular subject may it be food, politics, or current events; some even function more as personal online diaries than anything else.I have just lately discovered that almost all of my co-workers have blogs! Some new form of addiction among computer users.  For programmers, it's an escape from coding pressures, and for some, a cure for boredom while waiting for their daily tasks.

 Recently, I`ve been assigned to do a project, and yes, you guessed it right! A blog site! This awakened my curiosity about Blogging, and I volunteered to do the UI (User Interface) myself, whereas the coding was assigned to one of the developers. Unknown to me at that time, it was to be my own little way of saying "Hello" to the world of blogging.

After our beta release, I was once again asked to perform a task in connection to the blog, but this time, it involved writing an article. Now, I'm not accustomed to writing essays or diaries nor have I practiced my composition skills for decades. So I instantly said no.

At the back of my head though, I surmised that doing something new won't hurt. I said to myself, what the hell?! I graduated from high school and college with basic English subjects... how bad could my writing it get?! A writer by heart, I am not. I'm a designer for god sakes! And this blog site is about Information Technology.

 While I waited for Dracula's sleeping spell to take effect, I sat down, ate  pizza, drank iced tea, and with that,I started with my masterpiece. What to write was my first obstacle, I just decided to type my mind out and arrange the sentences on my laptop later. Starting my first paragraph with a line from an online encyclopedia would be a nice jumpstart. Just thinking of what to write and typing it gave birth to 5 paragraphs. I should be writing something about web design for you to read about.

My next article, if time allows it, will be about Web design, and that's a promise. With a little drag, click and paste, I rearranged my digital thoughts. And to my surprise, I may have just finished my first topic- less blog. Who cares? It's still a blog, and you're still reading on the site I designed. Not bad for a start!

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