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What is Managed Outsourcing?

Managed Outsourcing is the process of using third parties to run the development and maintenance of projects to meet time, cost and quality expectations with minimal risk and interference. Aside from reducing costs, Managed Outsourcing also maximizes productivity and boosts service delivery.

Managed Outsourcing therefore, is highly recommended for companies who want to focus on their core business rather than having their time and resources eaten up by their IT requirements. has the creativity, technological expertise, business sense and marketing savvy to be your full partner in Managed Outsourcing. We can function as your own remote I.T. division.

How Managed Outsourcing Can Work for You

Reduces Costs

If you have a high volume demand for web, ecommerce, graphics, Internet marketing and other I.T. services; as an alternative to adding more seats in your company, you can save on costs by hiring a dedicated group at at considerably less expense but with quality work output. The set up fee for each skilled worker is adjusted to the rates in the country where the services are to be outsourced, leaving you to channel more cash flow to your core competencies.

Boosts Delivery of Services

Given that not all businesses have mastery of every aspect (sales, marketing, customer service, accounting, technical, etc.), it is practical and even sensible to outsource the weak aspects to other companies who are experts at it. Then you can focus on what you do best. Delivery of services will also be markedly enhanced.

Typically, two work shifts are observed by the dedicated outsource group. That way, you can reach’s development team and project managers online or on the phone during your office hours. The work hours are synchronized with yours for a more fluid communication and data accessibility. After your work and while you sleep, the dedicated outsource workers still log in the hours in another part of the globe. By the next working day, you can review the latest developments on your project.

Maximizes Productivity

When you outsource your I.T. services to, your internal schedules and resources will not be disturbed as we will take care of the human resources, development, production and execution. has a ready staff of project managers, web developers, programmers, flash animators, graphics designers, SEO specialists and general support staff who have strong training, motivation, English communication skills and customer service orientation.

Since management of additional human resources can be a burdensome task, will present to you the best possible candidates for your dedicated outsource team. Upon your approval, we will supervise and guide them through the project’s lifespan. If the performance of one team member doesn’t meet your expectations, we can deploy a better replacement. The hiring, maintenance, additional training and exit of people in your dedicated outsource team will be our job. Decisions regarding these will always be subject to your approval.

Managed outsourcing of I.T. services will take the weight off your operations and allow you to focus on your core operations and get the most out of’s inexpensive but quality labor.

You can avail of the advantages of outsourcing by making your Managed Outsourcing partner. You can communicate to us your project requirements and we’ll talk about the strategy and process to achieve these. You will then pick your dedicated staff from our pool of skilled employees. We’ll take care of everything for you—from project integration, scheduling, delivery and maintenance. Though we’ll be taking the load off your hands, you can communicate with an English-speaking dedicated staff through email, chat and VoIP channels and access the project’s status through a project system.

Furthermore, the end products will be your properties, not ours. This and other conditions will be clearly defined in an NDA or Non Disclosure Agreement. Hence, you will be receiving suitable protection on your end.

Definitely, no outsourcing contract should be entered into without due consideration but Managed Outsourcing when it is correctly implemented can result in a lighter work load and profits for your business.

Contact now to know more about Managed Outsourcing.



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