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The SEO Shopping List

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services has become a burgeoning industry in the recent years, and it` s steadily growing even more every day. There are now over a million SEO Service Providers all over the world and if you `re looking, how would you know if you` re getting the real deal? It` s not going to be easy. Major considerations have to be addressed if only to ensure that your investment would not go to waste. Once the decision to engage in SEO services is made, the big and undeniably the most important question pops- up, which one should you choose from among the throng? There are as many qualified SEO companies out there as there are ambiguous ones, if not more. Deciding on a potential SEO partner is crucial. It would help to know what questions you ought to be asking the candidates. The following is a list of feelers to resolve the issue of whether or not the SEO company you` re eyeing on is worthy of your trust.

Would you exhibit anything to search engines that our web visitors would not see?

Certain search engine optimization strategists employ a common tactic called "cloaking". This is a technology that commissions your website to identify when a visitor is actually a spider. It then feeds the spider with
earmarked content specifically designed to rank highly in search engines. This strategy violates the Terms of Service (TOS) of all major search engines. Thus causing the removal of your site from the engine` s list. Effective but it` s not a risk worth taking.

Would you create special pages which would` nt be built into the navigation of our site?

These special pages are called "doorway pages" which basically goes by the principle of cloaking. Highly- defined pages are created in your server that would target what spiders are specifically looking for. This would result to the best possible ranking for your site but it would also mean putting the website at risk of penalization because its another violation to the TOS.

Is your link- building methodology automated? If so, do you target reciprocal links?

Link popularity plays a major role in rankings and one approach to link building is the automated reciprocal linking scheme. Emails are sent to as many recipients as possible in the hopes of forging link exchanges. An outbound link from your site is counted as a "vote" for the site which it links. The peril in this particular tactic lies on the integrity of the sites you link to. if that site gets penalized, your site runs the risk of being penalized in turn. A good SEO provider would focus on assembling quality inbound links to your website and adding the kind of content that makes it worthy of non- reciprocal links from other sites.

Now, before you start asking these questions, there are more to come. This is the first of a three part series on getting to know your potential SEO Partner.

By: Lelit Barrios
11/23/2007-BHI Pro



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