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Toral: Philippines Software 2010.

FLIGHT PLAN. Last weekend, I was in a brainstorming session for the Philippine Software Industry 2010 “flight plan.” The country’s three main software organizations led the discussion: the Philippine Software Industry Association, CebuSoft and Association of Solution Integrators in Davao.

Instead of a roadmap, the flight plan metaphor was used to emphasize the need for a breakaway growth strategy for the software industry that will contribute to President Arroyo’s 10-point economic program.

The event was sponsored by Microsoft Philippines. It is part of the software company’s effort to bolster the Philippines’ competitive advantage and one-of-a-kind program in the region. The output will be presented in the Cebu ICT 2005.

The brainstorming focused on how to boost domestic demand for software, increase business in the international outsourcing market, and develop capacity through education and advocacy.

Off to Europe. The Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPA/P) will join the E-Services Philippines Goes to Europe Trade and Investment Mission to the Netherlands and United Kingdom from June 25 to July 3.

BPA/P president Dan Reyes will represent the organization. The Philippines aims to get a share of the estimated $198-billion outsourcing business in Europe.

I’m glad to see that a lot of Philippine information technology associations are now professionalizing, starting with having an executive director to run them.

BPA/P just named Mitch Locsin as its executive director. Locsin is a former consultant for political affairs of Sen. Mar Roxas and worked as executive assistant to the general manager of Apple Computer Inc. in Fremont, California.

This June 20, the organization is expected to launch its revised website at that will contain more information about the industry and organization.

PAYMENT SYSTEM. I’m now testing a new payment system, It is packaged as an alternative to PayPal for processing online payments.
I’ll give you more information on this next week. I’m glad that there are more payment opportunities for online entrepreneurs today.
By Janette Toral
Digital Filipino


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