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Info-Tech A Top Item In Philippine "New Economy" Plan - Government Activity

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo says her government is creating a plan that focuses on information technology (IT) infrastructure to create an environment conducive to building a new economy.

"The challenge that the Philippines faces in laying the foundation for prosperity in a new economy is unique. The promise of the information economy remains a dream for the vast majority in the developing world," Arroyo declared.

The Philippine President made these pronouncements during the seventh meeting of the e-ASEAN Task Force last April 20.
Arroyo also lauded the recent formulation of an ASEAN framework agreement on ICT products, services, and investment.
"With this agreement, we have signaled to the world that here in Southeast Asia, there is commitment at the highest levels to undertake the necessary steps to ensure prosperity in the global new economy," she said.

While Arroyo commended the e-ASEAN Task Force for having endorsed about 20 pilot projects in information, infrastructure development, e-commerce, e-society, and e-government, she also reminded the group of the need to further demonstrate that, "(IT) can make a difference in the daily lives of the Southeast Asia," even if the infrastructure has not been fully developed.

"I hope that by the time the ASEAN summit in November is held, there will be more e-ASEAN endorsed pilot projects. In particular, I would like to see more pilot projects in the field of infrastructure development and e-government," she said.

By Erwin Lemuel Oliva

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