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The BHI Pro Dedicated Development Hub
First-rate Offshore Support Services

Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game.

BHI Pro aims big: we want to be everywhere, deliver everything and impress you-the customer. And why not? With our Sales and Marketing in the U.S. and our fulfillment center in Davao City, Philippines; we are strategically capable of delivering quantity with quality.

BHI Pro is now resetting its commitment to customer service by developing a one-stop Dedicated Development Hub. From project-based services, we’ve decided to shift to customer-oriented services.

Our Dedicated Development Hub is focused on providing dedicated offshore yet virtual support services in Graphic Design, Web Design, Call Center, and Internet Marketing.

Graphic Design

Logo & Corporate Identity
Catalogs & Brochures
Annual Reports
Direct Mailers

Web Design

Flash websites

Call Center

Web-based Customer Service
Order Taking
Live Receptionist
24-Hour Help Desk
Live Web Chat
Appointment Scheduling
Email Response

Internet Marketing

Link Building
Lead Generation
E-mail Marketing
Pay Per Click Advertising
Banner Advertising
Affiliate Marketing

The Dedicated Development Hub Advantage

The built-in features of our Dedicated Development Hub directly translate to remarkable benefits for our clients.

A Dedicated Team

We will provide you with a pool of talents in design, sales and marketing who are highly skilled professionals. This is our edge over other offshore teams: fine English communication skills, ability to multi-task if the need arises, and problem-solving skills.

Expertise in Project Management

BHI Pro has considerable experience in running medium to large scale projects, both local and international ones. These jobs cover various technologies. Our Project Managers have interfaced with international project owners and have the required management and troubleshooting skills for large projects. We will take care of the IT process for you while you get down to business.

Use of Our Resources

With the difference in time, you can have your work day extended when you avail of our offshore support services. This results in a noticeable increase in productivity and speed in response time. We can maintain three shifts if necessary to create a 24/7 working environment for you.

No Need to Invest in Infrastructure

When you hire 5 or 10 or more people onsite, you will need to provide extra space; even move into a bigger office. The cost of doing so is something that makes you think twice; especially, if you have an alternative. We have one for you: with our Dedicated Development Hub, you can hire extra staff without having to invest on office space and employee benefits. We will host all your dedicated staff for you—from interviewing and hiring (upon your approval) up to management of people, payroll and work process. This approach relieves you of the burden of human resources and allows you to focus more on your core business.

The BHI Pro Dedicated Development Hub can be utilized for a range of services that cover various specialty areas. Your design needs will be fulfilled by our Graphic and Web Design teams; your customer service and sales requirements, by our Call Center team; and your online marketing needs, by our Internet Marketing team.

The BHI Pro Dedicated Development Hub is simply put—a one-stop extension of your IT department. Our assets: a dedicated and talented pool of designers, call center agents and internet marketers. If you want to take advantage of the benefits of a virtual and dedicated offshore team, without going through the headaches of setting up and managing one—then you are ready for the BHI Pro Dedicated Development Hub. Contact us now to get started!



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