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SunPhil helps SEC complete first phase of R280-M online plan

Sun Microsystems Philippines (SunPhil) announced that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has completed "SEC iView," an online service that allows the general public and private entities to view and print business documents included in the regulatorís database for a fee.

SunPhil plays a major role in the online project, having been tapped to provide Sun servers which will be used by the SEC for mission-critical applications related to iView, Cynthia R. Mamon, SunPhil country manager said.
The executive said the SEC has recognized SunPhilís proven track record in the enterprise and public sector space, affirmed by the number of Sun machines that the SEC will be using.
iView is part of the SECís Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement System or what it calls the SEC iReport, an ambitious plan to allow companies to access all SEC services online.
The SEC iReport, a three-year project worth R128 million, has five major modules including iView.
Arturo M. San Gil, director of the SECís economic research and information division, said the SECís database in 2004 is currently accessible via iView.
"But we eventually plan to convert data in the last five years in iView," San Gil said.
The official said the SEC initially expects credit investigators and banks to avail of the service.
"The service basically makes it easier for the public and private sectors to view corporate and business-related documents without having to queue at the SEC," San Gil said, adding that iView is expected to benefit the 500 to 600 inquiries that the SEC handles daily.
He said SEC will be charging the same service fees for iView users.
"We cannot just adjust the charges. The fees for iView will be the same as that of our Ďtraditionalí services," the official said.
An individual for example can buy a prepaid card that can be used for i-View services which are pegged at R2 per minute and R5 per page that is printed. Companies are charged R20 per minute of viewing and the same charges for printing.
The iView application was developed by Solutions Exchange, Inc. a Filipino-owned solutions developer catering mostly to banks.
Edwin Lopez-Vito, Solutions Exchange COO meanwhile said this is the first time for the company to work on a government project. He added that the firm is currently developing the other modules of iReport and will roll out other value-added services "soon."
"There are five modules for the SEC i-Report project. Very soon, the system will allow for text (simple messaging system or SMS) payment for the access charges," he said.



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