Outsourcing a matter of foreign policy

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has kept a decidedly firm stance on the allowance of United States-headed businesses to continue their businesses in the country. In his own words, he ordered them to “pack their bags” lest they dislike his alleged anti-American rhetoric. With 12.6% of the world’s outsource work undertaken by the Philippine workforce, it’s no wonder that outsourcing - Read More »

Outsourcing Beauty: The Business of Being Beautiful

Personal care products are a necessity the world over. As in the Philippines, outsourcing beauty has become even more popular. With the growth of the country's business process outsourcing industry, more and more beauty brands have made business deals in the country. Brands such as Avon and Human Nature have incentive programs that consumers can avail, as well as customer service representatives t - Read More »

Outsourcing News: Ups and Downs of the PH economy

Philippines’ economy had a 6.8 percent growth in the first quarter. In the second quarter, it rose to 7 percent. Last year, the average gross domestic product (GDP) growth of the country was 5.5 percent. In this year’s first half, the average GDP growth is 6.9 percent. The Philippines is currently experiencing a strong economic performance. However, external factors, as well as regional - Read More »

Higher GDP forecast for the PH – Outsourcing

Due to the Philippine government’s plan to accelerate spending on infrastructure and human capital; strong investment; and private consumption – Asian Development Bank (ADB) projects the Philippines’ economic growth to continually boost for the next two years. The Philippines gross domestic product (GDP) forecast for this year was 6 percent - Read More »

Outsourcing News: Global investors interested in the PH

Growth outlook for the Philippines’ property sector is booming due to the increasing interest from foreign investors in various industries. Most of these foreign investors are from other Asian countries such as China, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and the United States. A local real estate advisor, CBRE Philippines stated that international firms are seeing the Philippines as the “ - Read More »