Outsourcing IT operations to save PLDT Php 7 Billion

Manuel V. Pangiliinan, PLDT CEO, President, and Chairman shares in a recent stockholders meeting about plans for outsourcing back-end office deals to IBM Philippines over the course of the next five years. This comes after it announced plans in March to reduce manpower, specifically in its IT departments. The company has been facing a shrinking core income based on a Read More »

Domestic Tourism boosted by young outsourcing employees

The Business process Outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines continued to experience a positive growth rate, with revenues second only to OFW remittances and more than 1 million Filipinos are currently employed in BPO industry. This continues to attract young, hip, tech-savvy Filipino youth and IT professionals because of the great salary amount that can compensate their - Read More »

Family-friendly outsourcing environment ideal for Filipinos

In the outsourcing industry in the Philippines, Australian companies employ around 30,000 employees and generates around $2 billion in output. Two Australian entrepreneurs – Inwood and Ernst emphasized that one of the keys to success in doing business in the Philippines is creating a family atmosphere at their outsourcing and information pr - Read More »

Outsourcing Beauty: The Business of Being Beautiful

Personal care products are a necessity the world over. As in the Philippines, outsourcing beauty has become even more popular. With the growth of the country's business process outsourcing industry, more and more beauty brands have made business deals in the country. Brands such as Avon and Human Nature have incentive programs that consumers can avail, as well as customer service representatives t - Read More »

The Future Of Outsourcing In A Post-Offshore World

Much has been said about outsourcing, especially in the information technology sector, for the past couple of years. As large, Western countries have become more in tune with their business strategies, they now see outsourcing as a valuable resource in order to maintain quality in their output, from customer service to content writing and graph - Read More »