The Future Of Outsourcing In A Post-Offshore World

Much has been said about outsourcing, especially in the information technology sector, for the past couple of years. As large, Western countries have become more in tune with their business strategies, they now see outsourcing as a valuable resource in order to maintain quality in their output, from customer service to content writing and graph - Read More »

Outsourcing Infrastructure in Nigeria’s East-West Road

When Goodluck Jonathan was the president of Nigeria, and Godsday Orubebe was minister of Niger Delta Ministry, the Nigeria’s East-West Road was promised to be completed in December 2014. The truth is, ever since East-West Road was awarded in 2004, it had the completion dates of 2010, 2012, and 2014. However, until today, the East-West Road has yet to be finished. The issue was not the lack of m - Read More »

Outsourcing and Finding the Right Outsourcing Company

Outsourcing in learning and development may have positive impact in an organization. However, negative impacts can be also encountered such as having a higher cost when outsourcing compared to keep learning in house. Based on an ICD survey, 53 percent of enterprises outsource at least some parts of their learning and 94 percent are satisfied with - Read More »

Outsourcing news: Philippine Stocks dip despite Friday’s visits

Economic concerns of a US-led Trump Presidency have extended towards the Philippines, with the Philippine Stock Exchange reporting a 0.36% dip in shares despite a successful diplomatic visit of Japan PM Shinzo Abe, and the impending chairmanship of the country of the 50th ASEAN Summit. PM Abe has bledged a 1-billion yen package to deal with investments in the country, in accordance wit - Read More »

Outsourcing Software Development

Compared to outsourcing, in-house software development is more expensive. This is why large reputable companies like Oracle are outsourcing their product development to experts in China, India, and Russia. However, outsourcing may cause problems like integrity issues, security issues, and legal issues due to weak laws in copyright and cybercrime. Outsou - Read More »