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What To Expect From Sony At CEATEC Japan 2009

Christopher MacManus
Monday, October 5, 2009

Sony will be presenting its latest, industry leading digital AV products and technologies at “CEATEC JAPAN 2009“, to be held at Makuhari Messe convention center, Chiba city from October 6th to 10th. Sony’s booth will consist of four themes: “3D entertainment”, “Network Field”, “Display Technology”, and “Ecology”. Sony will be exhibiting a range of products and services that deliver new user experiences, in addition to advanced technologies that have both been adopted in products, and others with high potential for use in future products.

Within “3D Entertainment”, there will be demonstrations highlighting Sony’s latest achievements in the development of 3D technologies. Visitors will be able to experience the full range of Sony’s strengths across both its electronics and content businesses, with the 3D compatible “BRAVIA” LCD TV (scheduled for commercial launch in 2010), forming the centerpiece of these demonstrations.

The “Network Field” area will demonstrate the interoperability between Sony products such as TVs, Blu-ray disc, and VAIO, highlighting the enjoyment that this connectivity can deliver.

At the “Display Technology” and “Ecology” areas, there will be reference exhibits of various future technologies, as well as the others that have already been incorporated in BRAVIA LCD TVs, such as Sony’s “Motionflow 240Hz” high frame rate technology, and the “presence sensor” energy-saving feature that automatically turns the screen on and off depending on the presence of viewers in the room.

3D Entertainment

[ 3D compatible "BRAVIA"LCD TV, scheduled for commercial launch in 2010 (reference exhibit only) ] - Total of eight units to be exhibited, showcasing 3D movie, game and sports content. [ 240frame/sec high frame rate single lens 3D camera (reference exhibit only) ] - Demonstration of single lens 3D camera capable of filming 3D content at a frame rate of 240 frame/sec, considered the closest speed to the human eye. [ Digital cinema projector for professional use, optimized for 3D projection ] - Sony’s “SRX-R220″ incorporating US company RealD’s 3D digital cinema system to deliver both high resolution 4K 2D projection, and also 3D images in a single projection unit.

Network Field

[ Enjoying network connectivity of BRAVIA LCD TVs ] - Sony’s ZX5 series realizes slim-line design through the use of an edge-lit LED backlight, and also incorporates wireless transmission technology enabling it to be beautifully mounted on a wall. (52inch and 46inch) - Demonstration of the quick and easy purchase of content using “acTVila Video Full” feature, with remote control incorporating FeliCa port for electronic payment. - “Sony RoomLink” to seamlessly enjoy content stored on DLNA compatible products, connected via LAN network within the home. [ "TransferJet" (reference exhibit only) ] - Demonstration of Sony-developed interoperable wireless transfer technology, including transmission of pictures taken using digital still camera to digital photo frame, and the download of video content to mobile phones. [ Blu-ray disc recorders ] - Demonstration of functionality enabling content stored on Blu-ray recorder to be forwarded to mobile devices such as PSP®(PlayStation®Portable) and Walkman. [ New Series of "VAIO" Personal Computer (reference exhibit only) ] - Thin and light “VAIO X” series. New model delivering true mobility. [ Sony's proprietary face detection technologies incorporated in products such as "Handycam" and "Cyber-shot" ] - Introduction of new, advanced face detection features, and use with digital signage (reference exhibit only) [ Potential of PlayStation®3 (PS3®) as an interactive digital signage player (reference exhibit only). ] - Demonstration of digital signage based on graphical effects and image processing technology that leverages the processing capability of PS3. - Eye-catching multi-screen display, realized through the synchronization of multiple PS3 units.

Display Technology

[ High frame rate "MotionFlow" ] - Demonstrating the smooth playback of fast moving images realized by increasing the number of frames from 60Hz/sec to 240Hz/sec. [ Flexible Organic EL display (reference exhibit only) ] - Demonstration of prototype 2.5inch flexible OLED screen with 0.2mm thinness that incorporates a flexible organic thin film transistor to drive its display.


[ Demonstration of "presence sensor", which automatically turns the TV screen on and off depending on the presence of viewers in the room. This function cuts approximately 50% of power consumption compared to standard usage. ]

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