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Metroland plans to outsource ad jobs to Asia

The Spec
Saturday, September 10, 2009

Leaders representing the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada want Metroland West Media Group to abandon plans to outsource a portion of its advertising production at The Hamilton Spectator and the Waterloo Region Record.

The union says the move could see up to 20 jobs eliminated as Metroland looks to cut costs and improve the efficiency of its operations.

Though no final decision has been made, the union says ad production will shift to facilities in India and the Philippines.

The two daily newspapers are part of Torstar Corp.'s Metroland Media Group.

Less than 2 per cent to 3 per cent of The Spectator's total workforce would be affected by any restructuring, said Dana Robbins, publisher of The Hamilton Spectator.

Paul Morse, union chair at The Spectator said, "We are deeply disappointed Metroland is willing to give away jobs of the highest calibre, not just to another company, but to another continent."

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