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Indian GPS solutions provider plans UAE foray

TradeArabiaNews Service
October 18, 2009

Embarc Information Technology, one of Indiaís leading GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking solution providers has announced plans to enter the UAE market with its new FindíníSecure GPS tracking system.

Currently the company is showcasing its products at the Gitex Dubai and is also in the process of identifying the right distributors in the UAE for its unique GPS tracking technology product.

GPS tracking technology is best suited for fleet management. It is a unique way for companies and individuals to monitor and control their cars, jeeps, trucks, school buses, factory buses and other vehicles to their precise details by sitting in the office.

With a nominal price of Dh1499 ($408) Embarc brings GPS technology within the reach of even the individual vehicle owners, said its top official.

"UAE is one of the largest trading hubs in the region and there are several companies here which can boost their productivity, efficiency and security by implementing our GPS tracking technology," said Shailendra Bansal, managing director and founder of Embarc Information Technology.

"FindíníSecure GPS tracking system will enable you to monitor the movements of your employees, drivers, vehicles or any other asset accurately," he explained.

ďThe primary reason why GPS tracking has not become popular is the absence of good tracking software. FindíníSecure addresses this area very well. It is extremely user friendly and feature rich," Bansal said.

"Some of the key features of FindíníSecure are - real-time GPS vehicle tracking updates, reports every 10 seconds, real-time vehicle location on satellite maps, full vehicle location history, stop detail and daily work hours reports."

"The location information is reported using a direct GPRS data connection, mapping for the entire world using the latest cutting edge 3D maps from Google and Microsoft, real time fuel level reporting which is useful to check fuel consumption and check pilferage, real time temperature monitoring which is useful for refrigerated vans, optional camera images from the vehicle can be uploaded to the software as well and several other state-of-the-art unique features,Ē Bansal added.

"Better management of fleets and assets, misuse of company vehicles and equipment, saving on fuel costs by determining the most efficient response to service calls, and increasing employee safety are all issues that can now be easily solved through the use of GPS equipment," he pointed out.

GPS technology is now used by businesses of every size to solve common problems that have existed in the marketplace for years right from knowing where your employees are - to establishing the most efficient delivery routes,Ē Bansal added.

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