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IBM pushes for adoption of software mgmt in RP

Manila Bulletin
Sunday, September 13, 2009
It is no secret that the Philippines has one of the largest number of multinational companies in the BPO field and consumer electronics. Most of them, however, don't treat their software investments as strategic business assets.

This is what tech giant IBM wants to change as it gathered CIOs and executives recently to announce new products and services aimed at helping firms to collaborate and manage their software investments.

The company's local subsidiary flew in Mike Rhoads, director for Rational Software at IBM's Software Group, who said that companies are probably not maximizing their software assets.

"Quality management of software is now the trend and it would help if local companies hop on this in order for them to get a fast return on investment," said Rhoads.

Rational Software is one of the four pillars of IBM's software division.

According to survey cited by IBM, only 22 percent of executives felt that their IT and business strategies were tightly integrated. Organizations, it said, should enable their IT and product development teams to more effectively execute against strategic plans at lower cost and risk to their business.

The IBM Rational Insight, the company said, is a new investment and project management solution designed to assist business leaders to measure and manage team performance and project results across an entire organization.

The product, it added, provides metrics and dashboards that allows businesses to find and focus on cross-organizational issues that delay or derail software and systems projects, ensure the right people are collaborating, and then take real-time action to continuously improve results.

Rhoads also announced that IBM is expanding its cloud computing capabilities with Rational services that can design, test and deploy software assets into the cloud.

The cloud offering will provide all the benefits of software-as-a-service, with the added benefit of cloud virtualization and flexible pricing, the company said. Demonstrations of these new services and formal technology previews are scheduled in late September.

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