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Hubport Group Gears up for Swine Flu Pandemic

By Jessica Madrazo, Hubport Group
July 16, 2009
A month ago, the World Health Organization has declared the H1N1 virus a pandemic. The virus first known as swine flu has been linked to over a hundred deaths worldwide. This has lead the Hubport Group management to draw up business contingency plans and have taken steps to ensure a safe working environment through promoting good hygiene and guarding the spread of the disease.

A flu immunization activity was held last July 7, 2009, and was conducted by Dr. Zenaida M. Rivera of Rivera Medical Center,Inc. Panabo. This is the initial action of keeping the flu out of the workplace and guaranteeing that the employees will be protected during a flu season of uncertainties.

Upon the breaking of the pandemic news, little but vital steps have been taken the company such as posting informational sheets on how to avoid the virus and additional hygienic practices. Alcohol-based sanitizers have also been made ready for over 100 employees’ use. The Hubport Group has also increased the frequency of cleaning, especially on door handles, light switches and computer stations, areas that are prone to spreading viruses.

Preparations for the spreading of the H1N1 virus also involve dealing with larger issues facing employers. This is training that employees can fill in for one another, and ensuring that workers who are ill stay at home. Contrary to the traditional culture of pride for coming in sick for work, the company has ensured that all employees feeling under the weather be provided time to rest and recuperate from any illnesses.

"Although this is not a sure way to fight the H1N1 virus, this the first line of defense that we can provide for our employees," says Chito Lucero, CEO of Hubport.

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