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Green IT, web 2.0 to gain popularity—IDC

By Lawrence Casiraya
First Posted 02:55:00 01/26/2009
MANILA, Philippines -- "Green IT" and "Web 2.0" will become buzzwords as more local companies ride global technology trends this year, market analyst International Data Corp. said.

IDC recently released its top 10 predictions for the Philippine IT market in 2009.

Due to the global economic downturn which hit late last year, IDC lowered its total IT spending forecast for the local market from ten percent to 6.3 percent.

All is not grim for vendors, however, as IDC expects "pockets of opportunities" in industries such as call centers and BPO (business process outsourcing) expanding in cities outside of Metro Manila.

"Within a downbeat market, there lies specific pockets of opportunities spawned by the need to continually reduce overall IT adoption cost in the long-term while also ensuring that market and customer traction is secured," said IDC Philippines analyst Jubert Alberto.

IDC lowered its forecast as prevailing market conditions in the US may slow down investments in the country, thus weakening demand for IT.

However, the continuing trend of market expansion toward provincial is providing a positive note for 2009.

IDC expects "green IT" to gain popularity as more companies look at it as a way to reduce costs in terms of power consumption, for one.

IDC also predicted companies to use web 2.0 technologies to look for more efficient ways of building a more personal relationship with customers.

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