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Get More and Better Google Search Results with Search Tabs

By Rick Broida (Network World)
October 15, 2009

Google may be tops when it comes to search results, but there's room for improvement. For example, why must you settle for a single page of hits? Wouldn't it make sense to divvy search results into tabs so you can more easily find a desirable link?

That's the idea behind SearchTabs, a Firefox add-on from the makers of my all-time favorite Firefox add-on: Xmarks.

Drawing on the latter's database of a billion-plus bookmarks, SearchTabs adds one or more tabs to your standard Google search results.

Search for "iPhone," for instance, and you'll get tabs like "iPhone 3G," "iPhone News," and "iPhone apps." Within each tab, SearchTabs serves up the top 10 results based on its own database.

Sometimes the tabs seem a little off the mark, like when I searched for "Windows tips" and received tabs for "XP Tips," "Windows XP," and "XP." Um, what about Vista? What about Windows 7?

Even so, SearchTabs provides useful results more often than not, and it adds only a second or two to Google searches. I definitely recommend giving it a try.

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