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Firm developing disaster response for data centers

Business World Online
Monday, September 12, 2009

FOLLOWING the devastation brought by tropical storm Ondoy, power management company APC plans to roll out a disaster mitigation program for end-users. Philippe Reveilhac, APC by Schneider Electric country manager, said last week that end-user customers of the company’s data center power management would need to have flexible disaster mitigation programs in the event of another disaster. "We would need to be case-specific in our disaster mitigation and be flexible in how to help the end-user," said Mr. Reveilhac. He added that disaster mitigation is also very area-specific so a blanket mitigation plan may be difficult to implement. While APC cannot dictate where end-users build their data centers, Mr. Reveilhac said the company would be available to provide repair services to end-users in disaster-prone areas that were affected by the storms. The company is already offering data center management services to business process outsourcing companies in the country. APC also offers uninterrupted power systems for retail consumers. Mr. Reveilhac said "variations" in power in the country would mean that companies would be in need of power management programs. "Even if there is no power interruption, there is still variations in power supply so it makes sense to have some sort of power management system," said Mr. Reveilhac.

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