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Davao region working on online business application

By Mai Gevera
PIA Press Release
Davao City (14 July) -- Applying and doing business in the Davao Region now would be made easier as the Department of Trade and Industry XI through the NERBAC (National Economic Research and Business Assistance Center) is now planning to shift to online business application.

Electronic transaction translates shortened processing time as the constituent need not physically visit those government agencies. Instead, an applicant can submit data electronically and a data server will simply collect and route it to each office separately.

This particular goal of NERBAC is given possibility through the launching of NERBAC Unified Form. It is a multi-page electronic document which contains a custom designed form and all necessary forms required in business application.

Instead of spending too much time filling in different forms from different government offices, a business applicant can now fill in one unified form.

DTI NERBAC officer-in-charge Atty Lucky Siegfried Balleque explained that the unified form provides ease to the applicants. If one encodes his TIN number, he need not encode the full number in the succeeding pages. The user only encodes four data fields.

The said form can be encoded on the computer, can be saved after encoding, re-opened at a later date, modified, and printed using the free Adobe Reader software.

This unified form is a unique project of Davao City to automate business license application processes. It may be easily modified for all regions within the Philippines.

Balleque added that it will be hosted on multiple websites for applicants to easily download it any time. (PIA XI)

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