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British Embassy in Manila new regional hub for visa processing
January 06, 2009 3:36 PM
The UK Border Agency has designated the British Embassy in Manila as a new regional hub for visa processing. Starting this month, the UK's Manila post will assume responsibility for the issuance of visas for Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea. Other regional offices may also be sending its visa applications here for processing later in the year.

British Ambassador Peter Beckingham welcomed the new developments in the British Embassy's Manila post.

"This expansion spells a big vote of confidence in Manila as a major hub for business process outsourcing," Beckingham said. "The development reinforces the sizeable outsourcing to the Philippines by UK companies and organizations, ranging from financial services to publishing and the media."

In preparation, the embassy is re-structuring its visa section and hiring additional staff to accommodate the expected increase in the volume of work. On its new location in McKinley Hill, Taguig City, construction is now being done to enlarge the office space.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo expressed his delight that the British Embassy is joining many other major organisations and companies in entrusting and transferring their operations to the Philippines.

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