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Boutique advisers turn to outsourcing of analysis

Alan Johnson
Manufacturers’ Monthly
Monday, September 12, 2009

NEW boutique investment advisory firms are increasingly turning to outsourcing firms to help them find quality analysts, industry figures said yesterday.

The financial crisis has seen an exodus of well-connected executives leaving larger investment banks for smaller rivals but many are reluctant to join minnows at a reduced salary, while smaller firms often only need analysis on a short-term basis.

Valérie Blin, managing director of M&A; boutique Avista Partners, said: outsourcing “helps you guarantee that the seasoned professional working with you is ‘fit for purpose’ for that specific project”.

Marc Gomer, founder of outsourced analysis specialists Craton Partners, said the practice made it easier to set up a boutique firm, “allowing principals to focus on relationships and high-level advice, rather than the cycle of recruitment, training and retention of analysts”.

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