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BPO execs: More job openings this year

By Lawrence Casiraya
First Posted 14:24:00 03/06/2009
MANILA, Philippines - Despite rumors of layoffs, outsourcing firm executives see more job openings this year due to demand for higher-value services, an industry survey showed.

An online survey conducted by Outsource2Philippines (O2P) yielded responses from nearly 158 executives and human resource (HR) managers from companies belonging to the business process outsourcing sector.

Conducted in February, the survey was commissioned by the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP).

Ninety-five percent of those interviewed indicated a positive outlook for employment growth this year, some even expecting more than double.

Around half of them, meanwhile, expect their companies to hire at least 15 percent of their current headcount.

Results also indicate that job requirements are driven by the rise in non-voice services.

Moderate to very high-value services ranging from financial analysis to knowledge management comprised majority of the services offered by respondent companies.

Sectors that expect the highest workforce increases involve complex services such as back-office processes, IT services and infrastructure management, and website development, based on the survey.

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