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APC expanding in RP, targets BPO market

Abigail L. Ho
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Sunday, September 11, 2009

INTEGRATED critical power, cool and management services provider APC by Schneider Electric is targeting the country’s booming business process outsourcing industry to further expand its market here.

In a briefing, APC Philippines country general manager Philippe Reveilhac said the company’s thrust of ensuring efficient use of energy in large data centers was in line with BPO providers’ aim to optimize the use of their resources.

He said power and cooling were among the biggest challenges for companies with large data centers. BPO firms, in particular, would greatly benefit from efficient power and cooling as they would be able to reduce their overall costs.

“We can provide them with the solutions that best fit their requirements and help them reduce their electricity consumption,” he said. “Here in the Philippines, we’re focused on the data centers of BPOs. In general, for the large enterprises, we’re focused on the data center.”

Other branches of APC’s business in the country included consumer, which involved the retail and distribution of small-scale power management systems, and turnkey projects, which provided end-to-end power and cooling management solutions, plus the services that went with such equipment.

“With global warming and climate change, the world’s goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We want to participate in this goal to change the world,” Reveilhac said. “We want to make sure that there’s not so much loss of energy, that there is efficiency. Data centers are a priority.”

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