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Hubport Interactive, Inc. Conducts A Team Building Exercise For It` s Employees

An ensemble of IT Professionals trooped to Mer Grande last Saturday, November 17, 2007, for a day of Team Building Exercises. Hubport Interactive, Inc. organized the said activity to promote camaraderie and enhance team productivity among it` s people.


Davao City, Phil., November 20, 2007--- Hubport Interactive, Inc., a member of   The Hubport Group of Companies specializing in web- based outsourcing services and a prime mover in Davao` s ICT Business Sector, recently commenced a Team Building Activity for all of it` s employees. The workshop is part of the company`s three- part series of activities on building brotherhood between and among management and the work group. Bad weather notwithstanding, the Hubport IT league took all of the exercises in stride. Every challenge was met with friendly competition, and at the end, no intention was missed.

A premiere human resource administrator, Ms. Olive Sumampong facilitated the exercises. She has over ten years of experience in people management and an expert in team building activities.

Congratulations, Hubport Interactive, Inc.!

Lelit Barrios- BHIPro
Davao City


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