From Outsourcing to Worldsourcing
Worldsourcing denotes understanding and taking on a diversity of cultures, widening horizons and creating new ideas that emerge from different points of thinking.
The Nightmares of Outsourcing
The Philippines is becoming known as a powerhouse in the world of information and communication technology (ICT)
Outsourcing, an Urbane Business tactic
Essentially, “Outsourcing” is the practice wherein a function of a company’s operation is entrusted to an “outsider” whose foremost agenda is the fulfillment of that specific function.
Virtual Assistants: Angels of the Outsourcing World
Improving the quality of your business does not necessarily mean compromising your precious personal time. It needs not sacrificing golf on Sundays, dinner with family or that diving trip with your buddies.
The SEO Shopping List
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services has become a burgeoning industry in the recent years, and it` s steadily growing even more every day.

Re-tailoring The Approaches To Recruitment
There is an imminent need to bring- in fresh agents into the IT industry field and innovative approaches to recruitment should be adapted if this field is to beckon the skilled workmen it needs in the future, as analysts noted.

Managing an Outsourced Team
In this age of neoteric technology and global marketing, distance is no longer seen as a hindrance for people from different locations to simultaneously work together for a common cause.

The Internet, Paradise for Ad Targeting
For the longest time, cosmetics manufacturers placed ads in printed lifestyle magazines. Movie trailers premiere on television anticipating a weekend and not after.