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Rivals mock Microsoft's free security software
Monday, October 5, 2009

As the internet has become an advertising or marketing focus for many companies in business today, so does the importance of ranking properly on search engines and using other online mediums, such as blogs and social networking, to bring in more bang for their bucks, when it comes to their ROI’s.

Chris C. Ducker, Live2Sell Group ( CEO and man behind the blistering growth that the company has seen over the last 2 years, has now put together what he believes will take his company to the next level when it comes to working with small-to-medium sized companies and web entrepreneurs worldwide.

“So many of our clients are now getting more directly involved with the internet in terms of harnessing the sheer power behind using the web for building reputations and business contacts…”, Ducker commented when interviewed for this release. “What the YourWebPA service does is allow business owners to get everything that they need done to be able to be found and respected online, without fundamentally lifting a single finger. This gives these busy business people the freedom to do more with their ‘money hours’ every day!”, he continued.

The Live2Sell Group, based in Cebu, Philippines, has continued to grow at an amazing rate, despite the economic slowdown in the West. The company believes this is because outsourcing is now becoming a requirement for small business owners, rather than a plan of action. The company prides itself on helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses through the partnership they share together.

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