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The Nightmares of Outsourcing

By Lelit Barrios, Hubport Group
Globalization gave birth to a new industry wherein companies annex certain services from an outside source specializing in the management of such services. Often to profit by utilizing  the lower costs of labor, technology, and other resources worldwide. This has become widely- known as Outsourcing. And,while it is indeed an effective avenue for cutting costs, increasing production, and delegating resources to further company gain, it is
not without it ‘s hazards. Product quality may be compromised, consequent to sub- standard production and inferior workforce. Miscommunication between internal and external operations ensuing from a language barrierand a different time zone may also prove detrimental. What could have been a dream come true solution
for your business, may just turn- out to be a nightmare!

BHIPro is a mesh of American and Asian IT Specialists, whose expertise and experience in Outsourcing Services conglomerate to provide you with quality, value- added services at cost- effective prices.
Our team of full- time IT professionals, and English- speaking personnel, work on a shifting schedule to specifically address your needs at diverse levels on real time. W e are a full- service IT company offering
a gamut of services such as Web Design and Development, Managed Outsourcing, Search Engine Optimization, Website Maintenance, and Web Hosting.

BHIPro’s highest regard for quality and excellence in quality service is backed- up by a long list of satisfied clients including, but not limited to Davao City Government, Negosyo Park Business Exchange,
Supply Center, among others.

With BHIPro, you don’ t have to worry about your dreams turning into nightmares.

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