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The Internet, Paradise for Ad Targeting

By Lelit Barrios, Hubport Group

For the longest time, cosmetics manufacturers placed ads in printed lifestyle magazines. Movie trailers premiere on television anticipating a weekend and not after. Then came the Internet and ad targeting became even more circumscribed.

In the beginning, ads were mostly directed to web sites or globs with specific topics. A guitar ad may likely appear on a music site.

Upon the development of search engines, the proficiency to capture a target market reached its peak. All a potential customer needs to do is type in precise messages based on what he needs.

However, a good number of internet users these days spend long hours getting connected with friends and family accross the world through sites like Friendster and Facebook. These sites are not targeted on a single topic and do not necessarily possess good keywords in their text. Thus, making it difficult for them to meet advertisers' demand for popular topics.

Presenting Behavioral Targeting

A user who has been browsing sports- related sites visiting a pottery site will have sports gear ads following his trail . Not surprising because of a data file in a web browser called "cookie". This marks the history of a user, and therefore, leaves an obvious path towards the persons behavioral patterns, such as interests, hobbies, etc.

This ingenious concept has been around for a long time, recently though, a lot of web sites are getting involved in ad networks that advertisers can capture a large market group despite targeting narrowly. Web sites have also begun targeting more smartly, forging alliances with larger networks to reach more potential buyers.

This is something that will get better and better overtime. According Tim vanderhook, chief executive of Specify Media Inc., " all it takes is better technology and better interpretation of human data.

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