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From Outsourcing to Worldsourcing

By Lelit Barrios, Hubport Group
Worldsourcing denotes understanding and taking on a diversity of cultures, widening horizons and creating new ideas that emerge from different points of thinking. Experts believe that worldsourcing would be the next leap after outsourcing. So it's about time give the world map some attention or be left behind.

In the not so distant future, practically any globally inclined company's success will rely on it's openness to re- accustom it's view of a much bigger world.

This shift, which involves both the attitude and reach of the company, will cause a huge aftermath for the business prime movers, workforce, and consumers alike. What follows is an outlook on ways to prime and situate yourself in a most favorable position to get ahead in this new business climate.

The past decade has seen multinationals living in an Outsourcing era where "less developed" countries are merely seen as pools of low- cost labor to increase production of low- priced goods and services or as lush markets for a company's expansion.

Over such a view, business concepts and ideas of advancement come almost exclusively from the " more developed" countries and drift one way toward the "still developing" world. This partiality hinders companies from recognizing creations, ideas, and innovations from other cultures and locations which may well create and command future market values.

That particular paradigm is nearing it's end and any company clinging to it's ideals will be in for a rather unpleasant surprise. Business is now moving towards an era where global companies, ensuring continued success, will look for fresh ideas and innovations anywhere from their own backyard to the worlds beyond their own to meet customer needs, if not surpass their expectations. And, it is predicted that only companies who are willing to adopt the new ways of worldsourcing will survive.

Assigned to man Callista’s global helpdesk, The Hubport Group organized a team of IT proficient individuals, all English literates, with a sense of initiative, and all adaptable to a shifting schedule. All of these with the goal to asses, direct, and solve Callista- related customer service issues with utmost excellence.

The Hubport Group and Callista have since been working in very amiable terms, the former having met the demands for satisfaction of the latter. Both parties have created a partnership revolving around the premise of excellence. Today, both continue to work harmoniously The Hubport Group being its back- end support so Callista can concentrate on core activities and enhance their products better. This alliance strongly states that, any IT based company wishing to establish a solid path towards the top of the IT community, should imperatively choose The Hubport Group as their ally.


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