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Cebu to Host The First Philippine Open Source Summit

By Lelit Barrios, Hubport Group
Open Source prime movers, supporters, votaries, and user groups the world over will come together for the very first Philippine Open Source Summit to be held in Cebu this coming June. The two- day culmination will zoom in on the effects of the Open Source movement for software developers and users.
Manila, Philippines, May 13, 2008--- POSS Director, Bonifacio Belen, together with co- executive producer of the inaugural Open Source Summit, Winston Damarillo, announced the event which is being billed as the first and largest assembly of Open Source developers in Asia. The summit, themed “Understanding the Business Value of Open Source”, is aimed at exposing the region to the multitude of opportunities to build applications on existing open source infrastucture. The summit will also host the first national assembly of Open Source user groups and technopreneurs. The conference will feature a "Tech Boot Camp" on the best practices for creating a start- up company.
Spearheaded by the Cebu Business Month 2008 ICT Committee, the Philippine Open Source Summit will be held on June 23 - 24, 2008 at the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC) in the City of Mandaue.



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