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Callista Selects Hubport Interactive as Its Help Desk Hub for Asia

By Lelit Barrios, Hubport Group
TThe Callista Group of New Zealand has selected Hubport Interactive of Davao City, Philippines as its Help Desk Hub for Asia-Pacific. Under the arrangement, Hubport Interactive will provide online, round-the-clock technical support to Callista’s clients in New Zealand and Australia.
Callista is a leading call management and hospitality management company which provides call management software that give control to the client over the flexibility or restriction of their allowable calls, protection from phreaking, and other easy-to-use organizing tools. Its hospitality management software features automation to various hospitality tasks such as check in/out, accounting, pricing, reservation confirmation, and housekeeping. Callista systems are sold to over 17 countries with an installed customer base of 6000.

Hubport Interactive is a member of The Hubport Group, an international BPO and IT services corporation offering services ranging from IT Web Solutions, System Development Solutions to Business Process Outsourcing.



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