CALLISTA – The HUBPORT Group: An Alliance of Excellence
Author: Lelit Barrios

Callista is a leading call management and hospitality management company. For 19 years it has successfully advanced the design and development of software that produce cost- saving and easy-to-use features. Call management software gives control to the client over the flexibility or restriction of their allowable calls, protection from phreaking, and other easy-to-use organizing tools. Hospitality management software features automation of various hospitality tasks such as check in/out, accounting, pricing, reservation confirmation, and room reselling. Callista products provide highend PMS features that is cost and time saving, making it affordable even for small scale hospitality firms. Its systems are sold to over 17 countries with an installed customer base of 6000.

Therefore the goal for continuous advancement and customer satisfaction must be met. In doing so, it needs quality professionals to back up its helpdesk. Finding such requirement can be arduous. But The Hubport Group stood above the rest. And, for this reason, an alliance was forged between the two companies. Why Callista chose The Hubport Group is not completely a surprise. After all, the latter’s portfolio proves to be a competitive and exceptional company.

The Hubport Group offers services ranging from IT Web Solutions to System Development Solutions. It is equipped with breakthrough technology, innovative leaders, and skilled manpower.

Having the advantage of satellite offices in North America, United Kingdom, and another one in Japan, communication is accessible and uninterrupted making no barrier in a smooth relationship between clients.

Effective project managers input effective administration of skills, further advancement of manpower, continuous operating hours, constant communication with clients for immediate response and feedbacks, and convenient time arrangements for clients of different time zones.

The Hubport Corporate Office is located in Davao city, a strategic place in sourcing talents from surrounding provinces. It is home to various colleges and universities that produce quality graduates which add to the resource pool every year. Having the statement, Hubport is equipped with quality and skilled manpower. Each is chosen for their skills and potential to learn further. Each is trained to client’s specification and technology and continuously honed to further abilities and capacities.

Assigned to man Callista’s global helpdesk, The Hubport Group organized a team of IT proficient individuals, all English literates, with a sense of initiative, and all adaptable to a shifting schedule. All of these with the goal to asses, direct, and solve Callista- related customer service issues with utmost excellence.

The Hubport Group and Callista have since been working in very amiable terms, the former having met the demands for satisfaction of the latter. Both parties have created a partnership revolving around the premise of excellence. Today, both continue to work harmoniously The Hubport Group being its back- end support so Callista can concentrate on core activities and enhance their products better. This alliance strongly states that, any IT based company wishing to establish a solid path towards the top of the IT community, should imperatively choose The Hubport Group as their ally