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Why The Philippines?

Right Time zone: 7/24 for Western Clients

Logistics gateway: FedEx, UPS, DHL

Falling Bandwidth Cost: Efficient Wireless GSA's, Excellent Offshore Alternative & Backup Site

Government Priority: IT & E-Commerce Council (iTECC), ICT Incentive, E-Commerce Law, Many IT Cyberparks
Repeat Success of Electronics Sourcing Attractive Home for Experts

RP is Top Off shoring Destination
27 September 2004 - According to the Global Offshoring Index of the property consultancy firm Jones Lang LaSalle, Manila is the best city for offshore business because of its well-educated, English-speaking, and IT-skilled workers. Next to Manila are the Latin American cities of Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires and Mexico City. Manila likewise beat the Indian cities of New Delhi and Bangalore, which ranked fifth and tenth sites for business process outsourcing (BPO), respectively, despite being considered the cheapest cities for BPO.


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