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Why Philippines Has More Advantage In Providing Outsourced Staff

Tara Estacaan, Hubport Group
Tuesday, November 3, 2009
For many high-cost business districts, outsourcing is not only essential but a must. In order to curb their expenses while maintaining their competitive edge in their respective industries, countries like Canada, Europe, Australia, and the US territories resort to hiring manpower from other countries.

A growing trend in most healthcare firms, outsourcing medical transcription services have helped them to stay competitive with the demands of the business. Low-cost vendors can easily take these jobs and provide medical transcription services since they have access to professionals in the medical transcription trade.

When modern technology in communication became widespread in use, it provided an apparent rise of business process outsourcing firms from all over. Unlike the old scenario where only manufacturing firms involved themselves in outsourcing, new business areas have joined the crowd. Technology has made this achievable and thus, data exchange became easier.

A large range of processes like front-end and back-end business methods can be outsourced due to the recent advancements in communication technology. Services from search engine optimization experts can now be obtained from Philippine KPO companies. Internet marketing outsourcing is one the cheapest procedure of online marketing and SEO experts can work towards making your site popular in your target niche. Search marketing professionals can now easily provide quality results towards company goal realization. Driven by technology of web marketing, web businesses are enabled to find the right people online and usher this crowd into the site.

Philippine professionals have more advantage in the KPO industry because they are highly trainable and are familiar with new technology. Philippine KPOs have a capability to provide intelligent labor. Aside from high intellectual capacity, the country, being a gateway for regional progress, is seated at a strategic location near China, Hongkong, Singapore and China. The country is surrounded by these Asian countries that are rapidly moving towards progress.

Potential clients look to the quality of IT infrastructure. The government is fully supportive of the outsourcing industry, and is planning to create more infrastructure that, aside from Manila, other regions like Visayas and Mindanao will become substitute locations for offshore business process outsourcing, and knowledge process outsourcing. Cebu and Davao KPOs and BPOs can take pride of medical transcription services and internet marketing outsourcing services that meet the standards of worldwide clients.

When looking to cost benefits, delegating jobs to the Philippine outsource industry is more viable, considering the low-wage and low cost of living that the country has. KPO professionals can be paid about 1/5 of the salary that is being paid to their counterparts from other countries. Thus, any businessman who is keen in decreasing cost cannot help but consider the Philippines as a qualified source for high quality yet inexpensive labor.

The country’s workers are dedicated outsource staff, as well as diligent in their work. Clients can find manpower with fields of specialization like engineering, medicine, business, finance and accounting and computer technology. These people can be utilized if KPOs and BPOs can provide further training for specialized business processes to deploy for medical transcription services, internet marketing jobs and many other areas that require domain expertise. In conclusion, the demand for outsource workers brought by the international market is keeping the Philippine outsource industry on the rise.

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