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Why Eye Philippines As Your Top BPO Information Outsourcing Destination

The Hubport Group
May 25, 2010

The Philippines has risen as a major outsourcing destination in the recent times. With the country's low cost offers partnered with a wide range of available talents, remarkable communication skills using the English language, and a culture that can easily adapt to that of Western countries, the Philippine BPO providers have definitely achieved the right formula to succeed in the global outsourcing industry.

The BPO Information Outsourcing industry has surely brought a big ripple to the whole global business industry. The outsourcing industry has developed major importance to most industries, given that it allows workers from different parts of the globe to team up on business projects, thus fast-tracking any project's completion. Nearly anything could be outsourced today, from computer and sales programming to accounting and payroll. It is the offshore outsourcing destinations, those particularly the Asian countries, who have proved to be a hit in the industry since they are able to present cheaper services and at the same time efficient assistance.

Especially notable is the rapid growth of the Philippines' outsourcing industry. The Philippine BPO companies has been able to climb the list of the top outsourcing destinations steadily. Since India, which was the previous top choice of most companies, saw the rapid salary increase of its offshore BPO staffs as well as the retention problems of the BPO companies, an overwhelming number of business clients are now realizing the clearer success they'll get in outsourcing in the Philippines. Let's take a look at some factors why outsourcing in this country is very beneficial to you and your business:

First and foremost, the Philippines offers lower cost rates. Compared to the other Southeastern Asian countries that play the field, the Philippines is a notable low-cost country. The country's daily minimum wage is set at around $8 per day, a fraction to those in the Western countries. Fresh graduates with college degrees, most coming from distinguished schools can be easily employed at around $300 per month. The business expenses --- office supplies, office rental, third party services, office utilities for instance, are less expensive too.

Also worth-noting is that the country has a wide pool of competitive and highly-skilled certified BPO professionals. The country boasts an impressive literacy rate of about 94%. Basic education has been given great importance and has been made available to basically the whole population of the country. The Filipinos are naturally expressive and creative individuals, and a lot of them take courses such as multimedia arts, animation, freehand drawing and creative design. A number of schools, including a lot of reputable ones such as The University of the Philippines, De La Salle University, Ateneo de Manila University, and the University of Santo Tomas, have offered remarkable education as well as extensive training in such creative fields.

And not to be forgotten is the ability of Philippine BPO providers to easily adapt to Western cultures. The Filipino culture holds a great affinity to the Western culture, thus nothing could get lost along the cultural differences.

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