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When The Going Went Tough, The Tough Took On Outsourcing

Jenny Cagadas, Hubport Group
Tuesday, November 6, 2009
It took a period of 5 years before the new millennium welcomed a major decline in the economy. It followed several environmental, social and commercial disasters, mainly involving a giant industrial country. With it tremendously affected and crippled, a number of other economies subsequently started to stagnate and decline. The United States undeniably contributed a lot to the development of the global financial system. It brought business opportunities to different places, investing in various industries that fuelled the fire of commerce. That’s why it was immanent that with its weakening, a number of ill consequences would come along. This was how business process outsourcing services were born.

During the time of decline, the whole world was in the verge of an IT revolution. In fact, there were several companies at that time who were highly dependent on the innovation it brought – whether by tools, methods or mode of development. Hence, it wasn’t a shock that there was a sudden demand upsurge for IT related business process outsourcing services, mainly seo website development. Outsourcing allowed adaptation to the dwindling financial capabilities of companies, and it gave a means for them to continue on improving their IT-based processes.

Countless US companies first turned to India and China for their needs. And lo and behold, it again caused a shift in the expected paradigm, giving underdeveloped countries to prosper amidst a dire economic season. India and China’s IT industry suddenly went up after foreign conglomerates saw potential in them. Because Indian and Chinese resources were much cheaper than local ones, more and more businesses decided to invest in them and this eventually made website outsourcing services a business trend rather than an alternative.

The Philippines is currently next in line as the main provider for business process outsourcing services. Though it trails behind India and China in terms of experience and exposure, the Philippine IT industry is well capable in competing. The Filipino IT workforce is well capable of performing custom software development or delivering website outsourcing services, whether it’s be web design, web development, or other facets of search engine optimization.

By taking on seo website outsourcing, many businesses were still able to collect big amounts of revenue, even with limited spending opportunities. In addition to this, numerous others were able to establish themselves with minimal capital because cheap and effective business process outsourcing services made it less challenging to set up and maintain business. Outsourcing has truly made coping less complicated and expensive for big companies abroad. Furthermore, it has helped destitute countries bring themselves out of a slump and make good use of their local resources.

Conclusively, we can see that outsourcing has not only aided European countries, Australia and America in their great economic tribulation, but Asia as well. And to further point out, it also fosters continuous development in the field of commerce and information technology. Needless to say, business process outsourcing has done an incredible job at rebuilding the world’s economy and keeping it healthy and competitive – one company at a time. It’s a good thing that people considered to deal with things through outsourcing. It has certainly worked out all of the problems, to everyone’s advantage.

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