SEO Department undergoes Changes
Author: Jenny Cagadas

On July 5, 2010, the staff of the SEO department at Hubport Interactive followed the newly implemented work schedule.

Before the new shifts were implemented, there were originally three shifts for the department. The morning shift (6 am to 2 pm), the afternoon shift (2 pm to 10 pm) and the graveyard shift (10 pm to 6 am). But instead of having three shifts, the SEO team, with the approval of CEO, Chito Lucero, grouped into two new schedules: 8 am to 4pm and 4 pm to 12 midnight.

The SEO department, which comprises of the link builders, link specialists, SEO specialists and writers, were given their specific schedules the previous week. This new time schedule was pushed by the new SEO manager and Executive Officer.

With the newly implemented shifts, supervisors hope that this will bring about a change among the members of the team. The morning shift, which starts at a later time of 8, will be more conducive to sleeping patterns, thus reducing the occurrence of tardiness and absences.

Productivity is also an issue especially to those who were previously scheduled in the morning shift and the graveyard shift. For some of the team members, the early morning hours were not a favorable time to do their specific tasks such as writing. Those who belong on the graveyard shift, on the other hand, could not fully set their minds to their tasks as they are more prone to go to sleep, and not work.

The new schedules were implemented so that the manager and supervisors will be able to easily monitor the progress and the reports of the departmentís members. Aside from these reasons, the managers and supervisors will also be able to track the flow of reports and updates and will readily be able to address concerns and problems when they arise.

With a change of shift and a set of new goals, the SEO department looks forward to a better performance and a marked improvement in their tasks.