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RP Outsourcing Getting Better and Bigger

Jenny Cagadas, Hubport Group
Friday, December 11, 2009

With the incorporation of the internet in several business operations, it's hard not to distinguish the importance of information technology in commerce; and in relation, the significance of business process outsourcing services to its growth. Ever since BPO's introduction, plenty of companies have successfully managed their business operations without having to compromise its other aspects. We are all terribly aware of how the economic decline has disrupted market dynamics and disabled corporation facilities. But amidst all of this, it was BPO services that helped revive dying hands and make ends meet despite such struggling conditions.

Today, outsourcing is recognized as something more than just a business alternative. Above everything else, it has been reputed today as the most viable action plan for companies of any caliber to take on. There's no discrimination in the use of business process outsourcing because even start-up companies can afford getting it for themselves. The only dilemma they might encounter regarding this investment is choosing which BPO service provider they would trust with their needs.

Asia cradles several experienced and reliable outsourcing countries that have made waves in the realm of business. Among these is the Philippines. Ranking second in providing offshore BPO services, it boasts not only of top rate ecommerce website development, customer service representation, medical transcription and search engine optimization service; it also houses the largest English speaking outsourced population, with high literacy rates and proficient IT manpower. As such, big industrial names have trusted their non-core business processes to Philippine BPO professionals.

Among them is the International Business Machines Corporation, or also known as IBM. This IT giant has found it agreeable to stay in the country because of the quality of outsourced services they provide. The Philippines is currently one of IBM’s highest earning sites, offering IT application management and consultancy to foreign IBM customers.

Another influential company has also settled their roots in the country, building call centers that house more than a thousand employees. Convergys' presence has been strongly been felt since the late 2000 and up to now, it continues to welcome new employees to serve their increasing number of call center agencies. Accenture is another multinational company that's slowly re-entering the Philippine BPO scene, after withdrawing employment support.

The country is not only rich in biodiversity but have in fact, numerous citizenry to fill up the demands for excellent IT experts. The Philippines produces more than 200,000 graduates yearly, most of which are utilized to move the various aspects of BPO. Hence, investors can feel confident that production is never compromised in the country and that there are constant upgradings of their system and skills. Aside from this, there are also plenty of training facilities available to enrich non-exposed portions of the population to the procedures of business process outsourcing.

The Philippine business process outsourcing industry is currently expanding itself, branching to different states to fully utilize all possible resources. Even provinces such as Iloilo, Guimaras and Iligan are now part of the big four cities that cater business process outsourcing services – Metro Manila, Cebu, Cagayan and Davao. With the way it is being promoted, the world can only expect so much more from RP outsourcing.

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